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Don Niam Las Vegas Knowledgable Personal Trainer is COMMITED to his clients RESULTS
Time to have accountability and start seeing the Body you want!

I have been training and helping people get in shape for over thirty eight years through either Martial Arts or fitness training. As a Personal Trainer in Las Vegas I am based on the Westside in Summerlin.
My typical beginning client will receive an assessment of their needs and present fitness level. A thorough understanding of goals and time available to train with me.
Most people need to understand a beginner client with little to no experience usually takes 4 - 6 weeks to get in good enough shape and start seeing results to work out at a level that will increase their metabolism and begin to see cosmetic results. Once that level is reached goals start becoming easier to acheive. Usually clients think they need to spend 4 to 5 hours per day doing cardio and that is absolutely not true. Intense training with me and a proper eating plan are most important. Three half hour cardio sessions per week performed at a high intensity is all that is needed. If time is a factor even 20 minutes is acceptable.
I often have request from prospective clients to “just show me the machines”? Unfortunately it just does not work that way. Most people join a gym and either never show up or end up going for three to four weeks and give up due to lack of progress, discipline and mostly a lack of understanding how to train properly to gain results. The first excuse people can come up with not to exercise they use it and discontinue an exercise program. The first session training a new client is usually a complete different view on how to workout. People will usually stay committed when they start to see and feel results. But only if they are ready to make changes and most people who care about how they look and feel will eventually reach that point in their life. Hopefully before they have developed to many aches and pains along with a total lack of energy. My job is to keep you motivated, train you in a program designed for your specific needs and capabilities. Get your body in shape and take your training to a higher level so you can feel and cosmetically look your best. Whether it’s getting a six pack or just tightening up the entire body and making day to day activities a simple task and not draining on your system. If you are ready to take the first step by contacting me for a quote or evaluation please feel free to contact me by phone at 702-610-3896 or get a
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People that have been training for a long time are easier to convince because generally they are seeking a trainer due to years of exercise and very little change or even regressing.

There truly is a method to the results. Take a look around the gym and most likely the same people are doing the same thing with little to no results.

As a Las Vegas based Private fitness trainer I understand time is valuable and spending a long time in the gym everyday is not something most people with a full life and family have time for. I offer half hour and one hour sessions that will increase strength, muscle development, weight loss, core performance and muscular endurance exercise along with customized program design to fit your specific needs. I do not do Boot Camp, it's an over used workout term that everybody and anyone can decide to teach. My methods are proven safe and effective for over 38 years without injury or embarrassment of not keeping up with the rest.
I have been an innovator and leader in the fitness movement before most of today's trainers were born. That's a FACT! Rather than reading all about what we can accomplish together lets talk face to face and see if what your expecting in your budget are realistic goals.
Please give me a call and we can assess your current situation and goals you would like to achieve and how to go about it
Contact Don Niam 702-610-3896
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